About us

RRSM is a professionally managed business enterprise established having head Office in India and Indonesia.

RRSM core business deals in Textile Yarns, Fibres, Fabrics, Industrial raw material, minerals, palm oil and its by products.

  • Manufacturing & Merchandising ( Import & Export ) - Textiles
    • Fiber, Yarn, Fabrics, Garments
  • Textile Business Management Entire Solution Provider - (GITA).
  • Third Party Service Provider ( Global )
  • Manufacturer of Uniforms
  • Garments
    • T- Shirts, Leggings, Jeans, Trousers.

Our Focus and Goal :

Thanks to Our Indian Government for MAKE IN INDIA Program. Our spinning global share rising rapidly. But still there is tremendous possibility to increase our market exports share of yarn, fabric & garments next five years to compete with china who is a present world leader in exporting yarn to finished garments.

To reach this milestone Indian spinning , weaving , knitting and finishing industries has to do a tremendous amount of work to achieve the same.Majority of Indian spinning industries are informed that they have the excess spinning capacity but actually we have a shortage of around 30 million spindles and 10 million power-looms. But its very sad to say that 4 million spindles are stopped due to non-performance.

To meet the challenges of global textile industries RRSM has launched Global Institute Of Textile Academy-(GITA).

What We Offer

We Provide One Kind Of Popular Business



RRSM is the manufacturing and merchandising company of textile products...

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Colored Yarn Textiles

We do job spinning of colored yarn in open end as well as ring spinning machines...

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RRSM is unique from another supplier, we pay great attention for customer service.

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Third Party Service Provider

In long run the buyers slowly using the supplier confidence and brand value by outsourcing the...

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Textiles Management Solution

Our spinning global share rising rapidly. But still there is tremendous possibility....

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