GITA provides complete technical and business management solution to the spinning industries from raw material stage to till the final stage of yarn marketing by associating part of the management,has a permanent advisory or time bound advisory basis to fulfill the customers requirements.

Business Management Entire Solutions

We provide complete technical solution to the Spinning Industries from raw material stage till the final stage of yarn manufacturing to marketing of yarn to local and around the world.

We guide and incorporate best practical guideline and work systems, namely spindle point maintenance, bale management system for all types of raw material, correct work practice methods for operators, supervisors and managers, value analysis method in marketing, costing and cost saving in different areas.

We are guarantee to achieve internationally well acceptable quality with available machines.

We take full responsibility of quality, production, utilization, energy saving, marketing support, costing and any issues related to your industry.

Area of targets and focusing:

  • Utilization 98%++
  • Average efficiency 93++( According to the count range).
  • UKG and Yarn realization.
  • Reaching and achieving best productivity standards.
  • Restructuring humidification plant to achieve the productive norms.
  • Korean and Japanese way of maintenance.
  • HRD training as per world best practices.
  • Focusing on Organic and Inorganic management.
  • Focusing on 360 degree management.
  • Implementing simpleand effective costing.
  • Sensitivity and variance analysis in finance.
  • Energy Saving min of 5% to 10%++.
  • Labor productive Management.
  • Saving Plan Management.
  • Quality – Meets Japanese Requirements, Progress for the best quality producer with available machine.
  • Focusing on Waste Control Management.
  • Implementing the best textile practices in the world spinners. (Example Birla textiles, Japanese, Korean, European work practices.)

Other Services – We Offer to Textile industries:
  • Preparation of project-implementation till the stage production and Marketing support.
  • Profit center Training to the manager and supervisors.
  • Selection of Plant & Machinery
  • Technical solution for selection and recruitment of Technical and other allied staff
  • Marketing support or marketing of finished products.
  • Introducing value added products.
  • Marketing and commercial restructuring.
Mainteance Services:

We can fully take care of Spinning and Weaving Industries maintenance by applyingJapanese and Korean methodology, which will enhance the condition of the machine and improvement in the production at a great extent.

Maintenance Services we do in Spinning mills:
  • Ring frame & Simplex department,
  • Blow room & Carding department,
  • Draw frame & Comber Department,
  • Winding department,
  • Utility –(Electrical & Air Conditioning & Compressor)
We are providing the above service on the basis of
  • Time bound basis.
  • Department Wise.
  • Yearly contract basis.
Types of Maintenance Related activities:
  • Preventive and Pro-active Maintenance,
  • Periodic Maintenance,
  • Overhauling,
  • Spindle Point Maintenance,
  • Maintenance Budgeting,
  • Maintenance Plan,
  • Inventory Management,
  • Minimum Stock Items,
  • Service room re-organizing.
  • Tools management.
  • Targets & Norms.

We have well experienced team who can carry out the jobs well in time with results.

Software Solution

We have developed severalreadymade software's for textile spinning industries, which will help industries to save manpower at great extent.(Formats, Costing module, Training module, Quality plan , Mixing plan, Statistical techniques, Maintenance plan and The business plan blue print , Saving plan , SOPs (Standard operative procedure )etc.,

  • New and pre-owners spinning projects with most economically viable units.
  • International tie - ups and acquisitions.