Third Party Service Provided



In long run the buyers slowly using the supplier confidence and brand value by outsourcing the important job like quality complete inspection from third party.

Quality & Services is very much important aspects for any organizations, So it should be the top most priority for any managements. Giving this job to third party is like mother handover the her small baby to the care taker.

In any industry the experience is most value specially all manufacturing sector and value added products. A good yarn manufacturer philosophy must embeds with their brand value. Those who believed the brand value is ultimate, they never fail in their business.

In any condition and situation brand value should not be diluted. The skillful third party provider are the real change agent of brand value and the safe guards or capsule protectors of brand value.

As a conclusion do not go for small cost saving and this will increase the failure cost of quality but we must concentrate the appraisal and assurance cost of quality.

To overcome RRSM is a final solutions to maintain the individual brand value with negligible cost.

We are giving third party service to following field:

  • Textiles Spinning.
  • Import & Export of YARN.
  • Selecting the right raw material for uniform.
  • Selecting the right FMCG products.
  • Legal Compliances.
  • Social Compliances.
  • Registrations of exporters.
  • Testing services.
  • Inspection services.
  • Quality certification.
  • Inspection of all type of minerals.