RRSM has a wide selection of cuttings available. If you use cuttings for your manufacturing process, you can be sure that RRSM will have the supply you are looking for. While we(focus on doing one thing very well) in cotton and cotton/polyester knits, we also supply different woven and nonwoven cuttings in a variety of fiber blends,

Please contact us for more information about the type of cuttings you are looking for.

RRSM Fiber provides global sales of our Recycled Textiles to a variety of industries. We specialize in 100% cotton knits and cotton/polyester knits in colors and bleached, and other industrial textile waste of all kinds.

If you are looking for high-quality recycled cotton-blend yarns, our RRSM Yarns Division can supply the (able to last/helping the planet) product you need. RRSM produces money saving, high quality yarn. They are ideal for hosiery, clothing, home furnishings and upholstery etc..

Count Range 4s to 40s Knitting and Weaving

We also sell knitted fabric (silicon finish and bio finish) in all colors